The team

BALLE A TERRE is an interactive and family magazine

The content of its various columns will be provided by a network of independent partners living in the 54 countries in Africa, and whose actions and activities converge with the editorial line of the magazine

Here is the magazine core team at this moment in time:

Roger L. Ndéma Kingué

Project Promotor & Manager

Trained as an Educator, “Ecoles De Devoirs” – Homework Clubs Coordinator, with a long-standing experience in the realm of sociocultural animation, youth assistance, musical works production, artistic promotion and events, comics scriptwriting, magazine publishing (Editor-In-Chief for NUBIAN’S MAGAZINE).

Resides in Belgium.

Cleave Djinkou

Project Deputy Editor

Trained as a Civil Engineer.

For about a decade and half, Cleave is engaged in training and emancipating teenagers through courses, learning activities and trips in communion with nature.

He is fascinated with reading, writing and history and is anxious about raising awareness for the development of Africa.

He champions the opinion that Africans must believe in their capabilities to give rise to a genuine African identity, and consciousness that will lead to the honourable place of Africa emerging in the community of nations.

Resides in Belgium

Dominique Komba Mayélé

Cartoonist and Illustrator

Trained as a Teacher.

Dominique actively takes part in various activities and projects aiming to improve the standard of primary education in D.R.C.

Drawing and illustration which he has been practicing on his own since his early childhood are his main hobbies.
His experience in African cultures and his in-depth knowledge of the continent’s magnificent landscapes will help him come up with illustrations that will make you dream away.

Resides in D.R.C (Democratic Republic of Congo).

Samuel Do'o Kingué

Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Trained as a Graphic Designer/Illustrator.

Samuel puts his talents to use for the magazine. His choice of bright and lively colours will undoubtedly make you crave a stay in the very heart of PANAFRIKA village for further discovery.

Resides in Cameroon.

Alain Michel Kingué Ngollé

Promotion Officer

Trained as Security/Fire-Safety-Officer Besides his main activity, Alain Michel is pleased to devote his additional skills to the service of associations and for events.

In his spare time, he unhesitatingly supervises youths in the fields of art and sport (help in finding clubs, promotion of artists,…)

Resides in France

Clarisse kasuku Lubaga


Trained as a Teacher.

Clarisse is also excellent in youth work.

She campaigns and actively takes part in popularizing information aiming to help families prevent diseases like sickle-cell anemia, malaria,…).

Resides in D.R.C (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Patrick Martini Botchak


Trained as a translator and Proposal Developer for Humanitarian and Welfare Projects, Patrick is a strong advocate of an African identity and pan-africanism, anxious about the development of the Mother Continent.

Besides his occupation, he spares no effort in translating and proofreading to the benefit of the magazine.

Resides in Cameroon.

Olivier Mensah-Assiakoley

Training : Business management diploma.

Long experience in the catering industry.

Sales manager in the field of visiomobile and biometrics.

Marketing manager at Nubian’s magazine.

Organizer of cultural events within the African diaspora.

Resides in Belgium

Constantin Fonkou

Training : Graduated from ITM (Technical Institute of Marketing).

Marketing and Business Development Strategist.

Coach and motivator in Real Time Marketing-Brand Experience.

Resides in Cameroon

Apovor Akuété A. Ben

Multisectoral contractor: he has extensive experience in the areas of negotiation and marketing with several companies, based in West Africa (Togo, Ghana, Benin, …).

International Trading and Representation.

Marketing Manager of BALLE A TERRE MAGAZINE in West Africa (Togo, Ghana, Benin, …).